Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Clincher

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Buy Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Clincher from BNS @1,650 plus attractive bundle

The Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite Clincher Road Wheelset combines a very engaging total black look with high-end specs, including a special braking surface that creates new standards for braking on aluminium road bike wheels.

Wheel Material: Aluminium
Rim Material: Aluminium (6082, T6 pre-aging), triple milling, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment, square milling
Tyre Type: Clincher
Suggested Tyre Width: 25mm to 32mm
Profile Height: Low
Rim Height: Front: 27mm; Rear: 30mm
Rim Width: Outer: 22.5mm; Inner: 17mm
Braking System: Caliper
Braking Surface: Aluminium braking surface, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment, milled
Spoke Count: Front: 16; Rear: 21 (7 left & 14 right), Two-to-One™
Spoke Material: Aluminium
Spoke Type: Aero, straight pull
Nipples: Aluminium
Front Hub: Carbon, aluminium flanges, QR
Rear Hub: Aluminium with oversized flange, QR
Bearings: USB ceramic bearings, adjustable cup & cone bearing system
Other: Plasma treated HG freewheel, aluminium axles
Weight: 1506g