Our Company Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction and clarity, below are the Policy to ensure customer secure: 

1.) All Products Purchased from BNS are inclusive of free installation (except for product on promotion with value below 100 SGD for its total purchases)

2.) Each Purchases are record down by BNS so as to ensure customer able to refer back to us on feed back or wrong shipment.

3.) BNS will provide e-Invoice to customer on the day of delivery day

4.) Product Sold by BNS are authentic from local importer, and we work closely with them to ensure price remain competitive to follow market

5.) BNS are entitled to sell all the products shown/ Displayed on our website

6.) BNS Payment gateway are using secure partnership with PayPall on Visa/ Mastercard. hence, we can ensure you that all payment event to single cent will be received by us.

7.) Refund on money will be return to customer by Cash on the delivery day. this to ensure customer received the right amount.

8.) For Product or Money refund after Delivery day will be subject to review on Case to Case Basis.

9.) Each Customer who have purchase from BNS will be record down. Therefore, on customer whom have purchases till certain amount to BNS will be given special Gift

10.) All Product Purchases from BNS will be delivered to your door step.